Saturday, March 8, 2008


shhhh... quiet or she might leave...

Please note that the cat is sitting on me of her own free will and is in no way looking for food for anything else for that matter. I stress this point because she will walk all over me to get fed in the morning. On occasion I will even awaken on a Saturday to find her perching on my thigh since I was obviously remiss in feeding her at 6:30AM despite all her meowing to bring this about.

I have been trying to get Molly to sit on my lap since we took her home in June of '07. From the beginning it was clear she was NOT a lap cat, not even a cat that liked to be picked up, but still I perservered. And finally, instead of just walking over me to get my attention, she just laid down on my leg while I was reading this weekend. I think we've had a breakthrough folks... obviously the therapy has helped ;-)

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