Monday, March 3, 2008

I'm working, really!!!

This is my friend and co-worker Teresa. This image of her over the cube wall is documentation of a fairly typical occurance during the workday. Often she'll pop over so we can talk for a couple minutes, although sometimes it's more fun to pass notes like we're in middle school (especially when people are driving us nutz). Isn't it nice to know that we've all matured so in our 20's? lol...

Well, anyway, on to the actual artsy stuff. I took the second photo right after this one when Teresa I believe was trying to get me to "make my lunch already..." We have a nice little tradition of four of us having lunch together every day. It usually begins when one of us realizes we're starving and then brow-beats everyone else into getting their lunch ready. So, I think at this point Teresa was just hanging over the side of the cube trying to convince me to make my lunch. she happened to look down and I told her to hold the pose so I could take this picture.

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