Saturday, March 22, 2008

Erin and Joel's Wedding at El Convento

Despite what you may think, yes this event does require it's own posting. There are way too many pictures to put up for this to be incuded in the March 22nd posting. So, I'm probably not going to say much... Joel and Erin's wedding and reception took place at El Convento, a lovely old hotel in Old San Juan. This trip was so special because we really made the entire trip to Puerto Rico just to see them get married. It just so happens we added a few days and had a blast doing other things too. The ceremony took place in a beautiful courtyard inside the hotel and while we couldn't hear much of it the ceremony itself, it was readily apparent that both Erin and Joel were very happy. The following pictures are the best one's from the ceremony and reception. I had a hard time working with the lighting in the courtyard and in the very dark reception hall so many of my pictures came out blurred. However, you can see how gorgeous a day it was and how much fun everyone had.
One of Joel's nieces I think, I didn't quite catch her name, but she was so cute as a flower girl...

Laura, Erin's only attendant. She flew from Egland to be here and gets the award for most tired since she and her husband Curtis had no time to adjust to the current time before they had to head back to England. Plus she had just finished her midterms at med school before she flew in... poor Laura.

The happy couple! Erin and Joel definately are a good match for each other.

Just Married!!!!

I think Erin is just happy it's all done. Planning the wedding wasn't a picnic since the wedding site was a four hour plane ride away. Fortunately Joel's sister really stepped up and helped with the planning since she lives in PR.

Relaxing in the cool San Juan night air :-)

I love how they couldn't decide on a flavor, so they just got two cakes.
Reason #1 why Stephen should not be allowed alone with a bouquet of flowers.
Laura and Curt cutting up the dance floor.
Stephen and Maria posing with the newlyweds.

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