Friday, March 21, 2008

PR Trip - Day 2: La Playa, Rehearsal Lunch and La Bateria del Escambron

This morning after breakfast Brian and I walked down to la Playa in Isla Verde, which was our neighborhood beach and only about 5 minutes away. We didn't go into the water becuase it was too cloudy/cool the surf was still a little high because of a nearby storm that passed by a few days before. The seas had calmed alot by today since even on Thursday, when we arrived, the swells were said to be at 30 feet! We could really see how fierce they were when we

went to the Caribe Hilton to visit with Heather and Rob last night. Since the hotel is right on the ocean they had to caution tape off the beach area.
The surf had been so high that they even had to close one of the pools... Despite the fact that we didn't go swimming this morning, we did have alot of fun at the beach. We took lots of pictures since the beach was very empty and
therefore made pictures less cluttered.

After we met up with Lars and Tara, Joel came by to pick us up for the Rehearsal Lunch at Hosteleria del Mar, a nice little place in Ocean Park which is a very nice section of San Juan. The restaurant was absolutely beautiful.... and right on the water. Originally the lunch was supposed to be on the beach where they have a bar and tables, but becuase of the storm surge the bar actually had gotten broken in half! So,
needless to say we had everything inside. While a beach lunch would have been nice, I don't think we missed out on anything by having it inside. The room was open and we could feel the
breeze right off the ocean.

I took the one of the beach wall while waiting for a cab after lunch, which by the way, went until about 5:30... truly "island time."
The street went right up to this wall with a stairway leading to the beach. We took the cab back to the Caribe Hilton to spend time with Heather, Rob, Maria and Stephen for the evening. After
spending some quality time chatting in the lobby we decided to walk back to La Bateria del Escambron (the area near the restaurant we ate at last night) to take some pictures since it
had been quite dark the night before when we were there. This was an area that was restored within recent years and we thought we might be able to get some good pictures of the waves since they were still higher than normal. There were actually quite a few people there and it was very windy which I suppose was left over from the storm as well. I really liked the shot I took of the wall with the waves in the back groung although I keep feeling that it could have been done better...
something about it just doesn't seem right. Whatever problems I have with that picture however, are completely nullified by my happiness with this sunset over the palms. I never thought I would have a chance to take a shot like this. As most pictures of this kind, I was able to take it completely by accident. We hadn't even planned to come to El Escambron today....

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