Thursday, March 20, 2008

PR Trip - Day 1: Welcome to Sunny Puerto Rico

This was one of the first views I had once we got to our hotel in Carolina, an area east of San Juan, PR. I couldn't belive how beautiful it was just at our hotel! It was around lunctime and we decided to eat at the bar by the pool instead of venturing very far. We had been up since 3:30am that day to get to Logan Express to make our 8:00am flight so we were pretty tired already. Brian and I had only managed to get to bed at 12:30am anyway so we were only

operating on a power nap to begin with. Oh and JetBlue = Win by the way. Having a little tv showing DirectTV built into the back of every seat absolutly rocks. After a great lunch of grilled

Steak Churrasco for Brian and I and burgers for Lars and Tara, L & T went upstairs to take a nap. At this point I think Lars was still ok with me taking so many pictures of everything, but I think this
marked the end of that sentiment. Most of the rest of my pictures of him featured an annoyed frown... oh well, he'll get over it. I guess it doesn't help that Tara is just as much a
shutterbug as I am, if not more so. Brian and I played in the pool and then took our nap outside on the chaise lounges by the pool. As you can see, we suffered so....

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