Sunday, March 23, 2008

PR Trip - Day 4: Fine Sand and Surf

Well today was our beach day... we were originally planning on trying to go to Arecibo Observatory today to see the Radio telescope that featured so prominently in the movie Goldeneye. We were looking forward to going but due to lack of planning and the large expense of trying to go 1.5 west of San Juan we decided not to go. While I wish we went, it was probably better that we hung around the hotel and went to the beach. I think we were all pretty tired at this point, so a little r&r was
needed. I love how Brian looks like he is emerging from the sea like a giant monster in the first picture. this next picture was yet another one of my self portraits. It's actually pretty amazing how well you can point a camera at yourself and
get a good image sometimes. It baffles the mind. As you can see, Brian just hates the beach. While Lars, Tara and I went in for a little while, came out for a little while and then went back in, Brian stay in for what seemed like hours... I had my trusty SPF 70 on, so I kind of wanted to catch some sun for once without fear of immenent prescription required relief. The beach was pretty busy too, so we constantly had to worry about the boats coming in nearby.
Ah, the famous Puerto Rican classic: el hot dog con chili.... right. Hey it tasted good, do you blame me?

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