Sunday, April 11, 2010

Whew! That was a good workout...

So, I decided it was high time to start exercising again.  I have such a love/hate relationship with working out... I know I need to, but it just sucks.   I hate the gym and I don't want to take a class let alone pay for either of the two. 

A year or so ago, I bought a couple of workout dvds of Amazon to try to get myself to exercise at home.  I tried them out and they were both pretty darn good, but as usual, I ended up deciding I was far too busy to exercise, so they have been collecting dust since.  Recently my inner health specialist (yes, I have one of those, and she is quite annoying cause she is usually right about everything) started yelling at me to pull out the dvds again and give them a try.  After a week of putting it off due to clutter in the living room, I finally broke out of them one this evening and remembered just how cool it was. 

The dvd I shoved in the player happened to be The Goddess Workout, which is belly dancing.  Now belly dancing has always fascinated me a bit because traditional dancers are not tiny, but normal sized women and their movements are incredibly graceful.  Plus, belly dance is a great workout for just about anyone since it is non-impact (which is almost a must for me).  Below is an interview with Dolphina, who is the instructor.  You can see some of the footage from the workout itself during interview.    

I have one other dvd to re-introduce myself to, so if it's as good as I remember, I post about that one as well.  Hopefully (this time) the workouts will actually stick and I will continue to do them every day.  I must say, though I am now tired and a bit sweaty, it was a good workout and my arms and legs have that lovely feeling you get after you finish a workout.  I think it's really funny how I always feel great after the work out, but I can't seem to remember that when convincing myself to workout the next time.  Oh well, my phalanges are crossed that I can keep this up.... and blame watching to many Bones episodes for the phalanges reference.


erinlesko said...

Good for you!
What's an inner health specialist? Will my insurance cover that?
And...her name is Dolphina???

jjphotoFTW said...

My inner health specialist is the noisy pain in the butt voice I hear in my own head when I eat something bad or sit around being lazy too long. Unfortunately I'm very good at tuning her out most days. Dolphina is the name of the belly dance instuctor on the dvd. I swear there are no named voices in my head..... lol.