Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Springy Crochet Slouchy Hat

Recently I have been trying my hand at crochet hats, since I have discovered that I like them, they are quick to make and I seem to look pretty good in them.  One of the members of my fiber group, LadySpendcer on Ravelry, recently made some chemo hats for a charity I like to support through knitting.  The hats she crocheted were so beautiful, I just had to try to make one for myself.  

I'm still pretty much a newbie at crochet, so there are lots of mistakes that occur when I'm working on my crochet projects.  While this is annoying, at least a round of crochet is easy to pull out without accidentally destroying your project in the process.  So, with that intro, I'm sure you are not surprised when I say that I actually made this hat twice.  The first time I used a larger crochet hook then the pattern called for since I thought I might be a tight crocheter.  So, apparently I am not because my hat was GINORMOUS!  So, version 1.0 of this baby was reclaimed and made into version 2.0, which is the final product. 

It took me much longer to do this project than I thought it would, at around a week.  This is mostly because I was on vacation and did a whole heck of a lot of sleeping and doing other things I don't generally the time for like playing WoW and organizing my crafty things.


erinlesko said...

love the color!

jjphotoFTW said...

Thanks! I have more of that yarn if you want something made in it.