Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ten on Tuesday - 10 Favorite TV Shows

1) Bones - (FOX) David Boreanaz plays an FBI agent working with Dr. Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel) who is a forensic anthropologist and her team at the Jeffersonian.  The two team up to solve murders.  Hilarious and science geeky.  Oh, and.... Phalanges!!!!!!

2) Castle - (ABC) Nathan Fillian is a mystery writer teamed up with a homicide cop who is reluctantly saddled with him.  Excellent chemistry between these two and Fillian, as usual is hilarious!

3) Caprica - (SyFy) Set 58 years prior to the recent Battlestar Galactica series, Caprica tells the story of the creation of the Cylons.  An excellent drama with lots of storylines that make you think.

4) Warehouse 13 - (SyFy) A funny cop buddy series set in a secret service warehouse a la Raiders of the Lost Ark.  Has some very steampunk elements if you are into that genre.

5) Sanctuary - (SyFy) Starring Amanda Tapping from the original Stargate series, Dr. Helen Magnus runs one of many sanctuaries for abnormals (people/creatures with special powers) in order to help protect them from people who can and will exploit them.

6) Flash Forward - (ABC) A mysterious event causes almost everyone on the planet to black out for 2 minutes and 17 seconds.  During the blackout people see a flash forward of April 29, 2010.  Two FBI agents investigate the blackout and try to figure out how it happened and if it will happen again.  This show has tons of suspense similar to LOST.

7) Food Network Challenge - (Food Network) This show is basically a series of competitions between different chefs and covers every topic from burgers to cakes.  Really fun and tends to have some entertaining disasters.

8) Ninja Warrior (Sasuke) - (G4) A Japanese obstacle course game show that is a cult classic.  A handful of contestants are serious athletes who put their skills to the test when attempting this incredible 4 stage course.  However, many contestants normal folks just for comic relief and end up falling into the cold waters of Mt. Midoriyama full of failure.

9) Glee - (FOX) A show centered around a teacher and group of unlikely high school kids who belong to the glee club.  There is lots of high school drama both between the kids and the teachers, not to mention some damn amazing music which can then be downloaded from iTunes.

10) Adventures with Ruth - (PBS) I have only seen one episode of this show, but I absolutely adored it.  Ruth is the editor in chief for Gourmet Magazine and she travels to different countries to learn about local cuisine and culture.

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