Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ten on Tuesday - 10 ways you know your ready for summer (if you're me anyway)

1) You remember you have a patio and actually decide to use it (see picture of our dinner last night).

2) You sit outside at a picnic bench for 3 hours on the first sunny weekend day and get a (slight) sunburn.

3) You staked out said picnic table in the morning and got mad when you noticed someone who looked like they might hoard it for the entire day.  You have plans for that table already!!!!

4) You arrange for your favorite hardwood lump charcoal to be mysteriously purchased for your husband as an "Easter present."

5) Your large office window is a curse for the sunny world outside begins to mock your inability to enjoy it.

6) The windows of your apartment have been open since the temperature regularly went above 40 degrees.

7) You're already thinking about the beach and sailing and getting sea spray all over you.

8) You've ordered more contacts so that you don't run out when you want to wear your "not a blind person" sunglasses on those nice sunny days.

9) You are thinking of all the cool outdoor only crafting/fiber projects you can do.  Background paper making and yarn dying here I come!

10) You start dreaming of all the combinations of boxed cake mix and jello flavors you can combine to make the perfect summer party jello cake.

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