Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Card a Week - Crabby Creations

To keep myself blogging regularly and increase my paper crafty skills, I recently decided to make a card a week and put it up on the blog.  I really enjoy stamping and doing paper crafts, but I generally have a very hard time creating things on my own.  It's like I get overwhelmed.  I came to this conclusion when I took the Creativity Bootcamp Class at Ink About It a few months ago.  

So, I figure, the best way to get myself to be less uptight about making cards is to just jump in and do it, even though it might be uncomfortable for awhile.  So, I did and this was the first card I came up with.  It's a little busy, but that is ok.  Making my cards too busy is another one of my usual downfalls.  I just don't seem to know when to stop. Anyway, back to the point.... so if any of you are crafty and want to make the cards I do for my card a week, I will include in the post a list of materials needed to recreate them.

  • 1 A Muse Blue Square Card (these are unfortunately discontinued, I just happened to have some)
  • 1 sheet 8.5 x 11 A Muse Juliette paper in Sky Blue
  • 1 sheet 8.5 x11 Neenah Classic Crest paper in Solar White 80 lb (or any other good white card stock you like)
Ribbon & Bling:
*Edited to add Bling info


    Anonymous said...

    What a beautiful card, and not just because I am craving the beach right now. I don't think it is too busy at all. Keep up the good work.

    Pointy Bird said...

    Pendulous breasts for bunny fertility symbols...

    jjphotoFTW said...

    Thanks Janet :)

    Pointy Bird.... the fertility symbols will be arriving shortly, perhaps with said attachments, lol.