Monday, April 26, 2010

Mystery Bag Knit Along Clue #1

Apparently this week is a week of firsts for me.  Tonight I started my first knit along and I am very excited about it because it is actually a mystery knit along.  So other than the colors of the yarn I picked, I don't really know anything about the project other than it will be a bag when it is finished.  Pretty neat huh?  I thought this would be a cool way to challenge myself and try making something new as well.  How it works is that we will receive three hints (well, really directions) at the rate of one per week.  We then have that week to make the sections of the project that we have received directions for and then we will receive another hint.

This knit along (KAL) wasn't supposed to start until tomorrow however, the group of people who are participating are very persuasive and have been waiting for over two weeks to get their projects rolling.  To make matters worse, the person running the KAL admitted that the first hint had been burning a hole in her pocket and so she set us loose with an early hint this afternoon.  YEAY!!!!  I was at work at the time, so I couldn't get started before heading home and gathering up all my supplies. 

In the picture above you can see my evening's progress of about 6.5 inches of the braided cable pattern.  I haven't done too badly especially since I decided I was going to learn how to cable without a cable needle.  This involves (very) temporarily dropping stitches off the needles and then picking them up on the other side of the work to make twists in the knitted fabric.  You can kind of see how certain stitches in my project kind of weave in and around each other and cabling (with or without a cable needle) is how you do that.

Well kids, I'm pooped.  After a busy weekend and some challenging knitting this evening, I think it is time to call it a night!  Have a good one :-)


PranaQueen said...

Your cables are great and I love the color!

jjphotoFTW said...

Thanks very much! I just loved the name of the colorway: shire :) It pulled me right in!