Monday, January 12, 2009

yarn... what yarn?

So, anyone else think I bought too much yarn? Nah......! I've been working on the bear, but there isn't enough difference in what I've done to really post about it. So I focused on all my cool yarn instead. I just keep on buy it as a see (and feel) stuff I like.

So Tara let me know about this really cool site called which is a knitter's dream. Once you get approved (which can take several days) you have access to hundreds of free patterns, a project tracker, and a place to catalogue your yarn stash (complete with your own uploaded pictures of each yarn). They also have a bookshelf where you can list your related books and seem to have a pretty extensive online community forum and a messaging system. It's kind of like Facebook for knitters. So, if you like that stuff, join in. My username is jjphotoftw. if you want to friend me.

I also discovered that Facebook now has an application called Networked Blogs where you can link your blog into Facebook and have followers. Neat huh? So if you're on Facebook, add the app and start following my blog. I heart you Facebook!

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