Sunday, January 25, 2009


Guess what I finished today.... SQUEEE!!!!

I never could have done it without Tara who suffered through my asking her questions all day yesterday through a few hours of knitting and many of tinking (only on my part). I was giving myself a hard time about this hat becaase it seemed to be taking me so long to do. But, I just realized that I started it on the 18th, only 8 days ago. That's not too bad, especially for my first hard and a hard to understand pattern.

This project was full of firsts: knitting a hat (1), in the round (2), using both knit and purl stitches (3), decreasing my stitches (4), using double pointed needles (5), and learning how to make centered double decreases (6). Ok, I think I need a non-learning intensive project now so my brain doesn't start coming out my nose, lol!

As I said Tara was a huge help as well as the staff of Black Sheep for fixing one of my bigger mistakes. A great reference that I used today (when there was no really available to help out) was this Knitting Glossary on

Anyway, I'm really happy with it and probably won't take it off for days.... just because I can :-)


Anonymous said...

Ok, let me try this again. Jo, what a beautiful hat! It looks great on you. Can't wait to see it tomorrow night. Have a good day, love Janet

Anonymous said...

Great news and a great job! It looks terrific! Anxious to hear about the next challenge...

Much love, M/C

Bahston Beans said...

It's so cute!

Michelle Clark said...

Great hat! Knitting is one thing I would love to do, but after many attempts I could never get it.