Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bear beginnings

These are the first few rows of my newest project. I decided to make an Any Yarn Bear. Now, it should be pretty simple.

It's all in garter stitch and you just knit the head, body and legs as one piece, then the arms and then sew all the pieces together afterwards. I haven't gotten the increasing/ decreasing thing down yet so I wasn't going to attempt anything involving that.

So, here are my first 15 rows of the bear (or his head anyway). I choose an interesting yarn for this (if you can even call it yarn). It's basically suede and is therefore not very stretchy, so I have to be careful not to let me stitches get too tight. A friend of mine gave me a gift card to Michael's so I went out in serch of yarn yesterday after work. I lucked out and this stuff was 50% off, which is lovely since it goes for $7 a (very small) skein. So, I got 7 different colors and now can make lots of bears in different colors! The yarn is made by Lion Brand.

Anyway, I figured this would be a good project because it will hopefully be quick and then I'll be able to make toys for all my friends' kids. I'll post as I work on it more so you can see the progress.


Tara said...

I just picked my knotting back up again and was looking at a pattern for Elmo... Couldn't find the yarn at michaels though, so I think a trip to my favorite knitting store is in order :)

jjFTW said...

Which one is your favorite? Basically I've just been buying yarn I like and then making something out of it instead of looking for a specific guage or type. I mostly go for what feels soft or looks pretty to me. **shrug** And where is your favorite knitting store? I'd rather support little family run businesses than Michael or AC Moore any day.