Tuesday, January 27, 2009

birthday shenanigans

This was just one of the indignities I was forced to suffer this Tuesday when the fam got together for my birthday dinner. I knew something was coming.... mostly because dad had called and warned me that my torture was imminent. I also had a tiara with flashing lights and feathers that had a big "30" written on it. The candle pictured is actually a very specific kind of retaliation for what I did to his cake one year.

Let's just say colored green sugar made the top look like AstroTurf and there was a gravestone candle involved... I'll just leave it at that. Also, my mother I'm sure played a part as well. I have tortured her with such illustrious birthday hijinx announcing her 50th birthday on Medway Cable Access, actually putting 50 candles on her cake (all lit) and then giving her a birthday card referencing the fire dept. being ready for her cake to be lit.

Is that wrong?!? Nah..... so I guess I had this coming right?

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jo! Happy birthday! John and I finally got our kitchen dinner, woohoo! We def. should have you and B for dinner sometime.

~Becca Gentilcore