Wednesday, January 14, 2009

playing with my markers

So I took today off to have some fun me time, so.... I broke out the copic markers! I absolutely love these markers. They are made and Japan and are used by a wide range of manga artists, designers and crafters. They have tons of great colors and 4 different styles of marker to fit your crafty needs: ciao, sketch, wide and original. My set of colors is basically all the original design which holds the most ink.

What's nice about these markers is that they last a long time, don't require you to store then flat (like many others do) and while they are pricey you can buy ink refills and replacement nibs, so essentially once you have the marker, all you might have to buy is ink for the rest of your lifetime. Cool huh? You can do all sorts of things with these markers too.

There is a great blog I read called I Like Markers that show all sorts of techniques from beginner to expert. Off to the right is one example of what I colored today. You can do some amazing layering of color if you pay attention to Copic's numbering system.

Also, Jenn, my a*muse instructor, uses therse alot in the cards we make during class. I dare say I might have some cards to show off after my Valentine's day class with her tommorrow... the card samples look very cute, so I'm sure I will have plenty of neat things to share.

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