Sunday, January 4, 2009

Knit addict

So, I caught the knitting bug in early December...

I then decided to make scarves for Brian's mom, our sister in law and my mom for Christmas... stupid!!! True story: I so didn't stay up almost all night on Christmas eve finishing a scarf. December featured many days of furious knitting.

So, I'm pretty good at the knit stitch, but so far trying to do anything else ends up with me ripping out all my work and tossing the ball of yarn aside in disgust. There is just so much neat stuff out there, so I found some neat free knitting projects online. Check them out at: and

I will hopefully be able to play around with some of these neat projects soon. But, first I have to figure out how to purl and combine the two stitches so I can make my projects more interesting. All attempts thus far have involved somehow creating extra stitches that don't play nice with others.... grrr...

So anyway, this picture is of a scarf I am making for Colette to chase away the dreary winter.

And yes.... it's all in knit stitch :-P

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