Thursday, January 22, 2009

working on knitting during lunch... industrious or downright stooopid?

So, I started working on my hat again this evening. I was looking at the pattern as I normally do and something just didn't look right. Then I got paranoid. I went back and carefully removed some stiches thinking I had miscounted, then I started in pattern again.

No, still didn't look right. Finally, I noticed that it looked like I dropped a stitch somehow along the way when I was tinking (un-knitting or knitting backwards). So, I tried to fix ithwith what I was hoping was success, but I counted my stitches and I now have 92. Ok.... I started with 90 and any addition other then in 3’s wouldn’t work because the pattern would be off. AAAARRGGGGGG!!!!!

I so should have never brought it to work and knitted during lunch. I knew somethign aweful would happen if I did that… and surprise, it did :-( Now that my panic has waned, I started thinking and I probably just did a couple yarn overs when I was talking to people during lunch. Then when tinking made the sitches look uneven, so I thought I dropped a stitch and in the process probably did drop some or add some.

Regardless of the situation, there is nothing I can do or Youtube can show me tonight, so I’m going to Black Sheep during lunch tomorrow to ask them to help me. Otherwise I’m going to go insane.

This hat was going so well this time.... at least taking the pictures calmed me down. It looks great other than the train wreck of a job I pulled today.


Kate said...

It happens to the best of us, Jo! I do most of my knitting on subway, so you can imagine how much tinking I have to do. So glad to have learned that term from you btw! If it were me, I would either frog it back to a point where I was sure I knew was I was doing, or I would k2tog the extra yo with the stitch next to it and do a little creative embroidery in the finishing process.

jjFTW said...

I think I'm going to try to go back one row and see what happens, then if it's still messed up, I'll bring it to the store for help. It so killed my night though. I was on youtube trying to figure out how to pick up dropped stitches that were never dropped... :(