Wednesday, January 7, 2009

No more xp for us, hooray!

Woohoo! We finally hit level 80!!! Here is my victory screenshot with all my new (and matching) armor :-D

To answer your inevitable questions:

  1. -Yes, I am very easily entertained.
  2. -Yes, playing WoW is considered quality family time.

  3. -Yes, I do plan to continue playing WoW until they no longer make expansions (hopefully a very long time)

  4. -No, I will not be growing up anytime soon. It's not like I'm 30 or anything, geeeese!!


erinlesko said...

we, too, consider this family time...glad to see we're not the only ones.

jjFTW said...

It's good to see not everyone thinks we're nuts as well. Ok, not nuts for playing wow together anyway...