Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Hail to Thor, God of Thunder!

Ok, so the title for this is just a revolting play on words. I just wanted to make that clear in case anyone thinks I have decided to start worship of the Norse Gods... You are mistaken. We actually had a rocking thunderstorm pass through town tonight and I managed to snap a few pictures during the mayhem. I, being a complete thunderstorm freak, rushed to check the radar on my computer when I started to hear the low rumbles from the southwest. Much to my delight, it looked like a pretty big one was going to go straight over us. YIPPEE!! Yes, I am weird, don't ask. I was trying to corral the cat (because she is very afriad of thunder) into the bedroom so I could sit with her and try to convey to her that nothing was going to hurt her. I had the idea that I might be able to make her less afraid and she might stop hiding under things during storms. So, I'm squishing her to bed in an effort to keep her in one spot when I start hearing the distinct sound of something hitting the side of the building... it only took me a few moments before I thought "duh, it's hail!"

So, I figured my efforts with Molly would be fruitless since it was probably a nasty storm and let her go to hide somewhere as I searched out my camera. I managed to get the slider open to take this first shot, but I knew I wasn't doing the storm justice. The hail sounded really loud, so I went out to the back door to take a look and took the second picture. Crazy huh?

This whole storm I swear was gone in 10 minutes tops. Once I stopped taking pictures I decided I should probably try to find out where the cat went. Quel suprise... she was under our little couch. Now, this couch does not have alot of clearence under it and she is not exactly a petite cat. In an effort to extract her from underneath it, I ended up pushing her towards the back. I went around to the other side to grab a leg and pull and found this image before me:

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