Friday, July 25, 2008

Bee-utiful Opportunity

So, I was killing time today at Ferjulian's farm stand with my trusty camera in hand. I was back in the greenhouse taking pictures away from the myriads of customers milling about the fruit and vegitable area when I happily stumbled upon this little guy. I was so psyched to get a picture of this bee. I was recently lamenting the sheer lack of fauna I have seen this summer... well besides skunks and the neiborhood cat Molly tried to kill through the slider door. That was a fun night I tell you. Actually it was a pretty hard week on Molly in general. First she had her run in with the scary kitty on the other side of the slider on Tuesday night and then the building's fire alarm went off on Wednesday. She was so scared that she had a little accident when Brian and I were manhandling her into her carrier. The poor thing.... I felt so bad for her. She was absolutely inconsolable until we got her back inside once the fire dept. said everything was clear. Stupid people that don't know how to cook... grumble....

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