Saturday, July 12, 2008

Awww, isn't she cute...

This is Lucy, our Friends' Heather and Rob's new puppy and she was just one of the many attendees of Lars' surprise birthday party. They have only had her for a couple months of so and believe me, she is sooo small compared to Erin and Joel coon hound Katie (see second picture). It was acually quite funny having both of the dogs there... Lucy kept on walking up to Katie and acting like she wanted to play until Katie got all excited and came right after her. I think Lucy was a tad overwhelmed to say the least and dove for cover behind the nearest human or inanimate object. To add to the hilarity, Lars and Tara's son Luke was there as well as another friend's little girl named same. One puppy, one adolescent hound, and two 2 year olds.... you do the math here.
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