Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The joys of employing a hackney carriage

Yes, it was that fateful day today... the day Molly had to go to the V-E-T. Actually, the problem for Molly is not really the vet. It is the sub-standard transportation company she employs to get her there. I mean, they lock her in a cage... yes, a cage! Plus, there are no snacks or drinks offered for her refreshment. This will be the last time she rides in coach! She was quite vociferous about her displeasure yet the driver continued on, completely ignoring her request for another means of transport. The return home was slightly better. The driver saw fit to allow her access to the sun roof area so that she could get some air and be less confined. Also, for some reason a masseuse was employed for her relaxation on the return trip. After exploring her surroundings, she settled in for a nice nap in the cool breeze of the excellent climate control system. Despite the driver's poor morning performance, she did seem to go above a beyond on the way home to cater to Molly's needs and wishes. Oh, and the vet visit went very well, she is fit as a fiddle and has even lost a bit of weight over the past year. Weight Watchers has really worked out for her. Congratulations Molly on your excellent health!

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