Sunday, July 13, 2008

Lazy Sundays are the best....

Lately our Sundays have kind of become just hang out and relax together days. We just spend time together, whether it's reading, gaming or whatever. This Sunday I was lying in bed reading next to Brian when I turned over and saw this view before my eyes which inspired me to grab my camera. I really like how the light is coming from in between the blinds in front of the window behind him. It makes the picture seem intimate while really it is not other than the close-up nature of my photography.
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colette108 said...

So, a few questions that I've absolutely never have asked you before...

1.) Have you ever slept past noon? If so, didn't you feel like ass?

2.)Have you ever spent an entire day in your pajamas? If so, didn't you fell like ass?

3.) Have you ever spent the entire day inside, doing nothing? If so, didn't you feel like ass?

:) :P