Sunday, July 27, 2008

mmmmm.... veggies!

Yes, I photograph produce for fun... got a problem? Hehe.... anyway, this is a continuation of Friday's post. I had so many nice pictures from my sojourn to Ferjulian's that I thought I would post some more. The staff at the stand are very nice and always let me run amock with my camera in tow. The only thing that bad about going here to play with my camera is that I feel really guilty if I walk out empty handed after spending a 1/2 hour giving their wares the paparazzi treatment. Oh, that gives me an idea! Maybe I should start a website of the various fruit and vegetables I have caught on on camera unawares in compromising situations.... I so have no life!... Needless to say, I left Ferjulian's with a bag full of yummy vegitation and some fodder for my blog. Not a bad deal huh?

Mmmm... methinks it is time to make some cuke salad!
You know, I don't think I have ever actually cooked eggplant before.... I've only ordered it in restaurants. Hmmmm, maybe an experiment is in order.

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