Friday, July 30, 2010

Ten on Tuesday: Ten Things to Do Instead of Watching TV

Yeah, so it isn't Tuesday... whatever!  :P

1) Read a book - I have recently started reading obsessively again.... I think my knitting is suffering for it.

2) Go for a walk or a swim - I really should take my own advice on this one.

3) Start a blog - Blogs are a great creative outlet and can be a great way to journal about your day/week.

4) Play with fiber - Knit, crochet, spin, weave... you name it.  It's all fun :D and addictive!

5) Scrapbook or make your own cards - You need surprisingly little to make a cute card or a nice Just a stamp, ink and some markers.  I have plenty of all, so theoretically it's really easy for me...

6) Photograph your world - Take photos of what you think is mundane.  Try macro photography or some other specific kind to test out your skills.  Then, use your pictures on that blog or in a scrapbook.  Or, if you really like them, frame them and use them for decor.

7) Bake or can - I haven't tried canning yet, but I want to.  Baking however, is a great thing to do when you have extra time.  Once you have a cake or cookie recipe that works, often you can substitute flavors and get very different results.  For example, I have a Lemon - Honey Cookie I make, but you can really change out the lemon for any citrus available to you.  I've done orange, lime, lemon, lime and I'm thinking graprefruit would be good as well.  Canning is good because you are prepping food for a later date.  I'm contemplating making tomato sauce as my first venture in canning, but I don't think I'll get to do that until next summer.

8) Catch up on reading blogs (or in my case reading the message boards on Ravelry) - It's good to get caught up on your chosen social media.  I got so off of reading my usual blogs that I had a backlog of 700+ posts to read after I went on vacation a few weeks ago.  A happy result of me getting caught up this week was that I went through and unsubsribed from all those blogs I really don't read or haven't been updated in say a year. 

9) Play some games - Board games, video games, computer, on your iPhone.... any of them work and cause your brain a little more exercise then just plopping in front of the tube mindlessly.  My favorites of late are any of the Monkey Island series for the PC and Tap Resort for the iPhone.

10) Plan your next vacation - Explore online where you might want to go and all the activities you want to do.  Once you have an idea, you can start saving and be one step closer to making your vacation a reality.

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Lame Friend said...

You forgot disembowling.