Monday, July 26, 2010

After Three Weeks of Spinning....

One realizes just how much work it is to make your own yarn!  Just kidding.  It really isn't that hard :-)  Here are some picture of what I did tonight on the first non-humid evening in a very long time.

First I gave all of my new skeins of yarn a nice hot bath with Eucalin, a no-rinse yarn and hand-knit item refresher.  Did I mention I used almost every single large bowl in the house?  Perhaps I should actually do this as I finish a skein of yarn instead of amassing a lot of six to do at once.... nah!!

Then I carefully poured out the hot water and suds and covered each of them with cool water.  The alpaca/silk blend above looked especially cool submerged.

Then I gently pressed the excess water from each of the skeins, smacked them several times on our trusty outdoor storage bench (to even out the twist or perhaps to work off some stress) and hung them up to dry on my makeshift clothes line.  

Finally it started getting really dark and while the skeins were pretty dry at this point, they still needed some air time before they get skeined back up again.  So, I gently squeezed out some more of the water that had traveled down to the ends and then brought them inside for the night.  They are now happily residing in front of our bedroom window getting some of the lovely night air blown on them from the fan in the window.  

Not bad for a night's work huh?  I'm happy!

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