Monday, July 12, 2010

Tour de Fleece Update - Day 10 - Day of Rest

I made this fun montage for the Tour de Fleece message board on Ravelry so that people can see what I was up to today.  There are so many people involved in the Tour de Fleece that the moderators ask everyone to only post one reasonably sized photo per day.  I assume this it to keep us from melting Ravelry's servers :-)

Today is a day of rest for the Tour de France, so us hand spinners are resting as well, hence the imagery having nothing to do with anything I have spun.  On my day of rest from spinning I wound up one of my skeins of Louet Kidlin into a center pull cake in preparation to begin knitting and started the second of my summer fiber plans: The Mystery Summer Wrap knit-a-long.  The typically persistent group of knit-a-longers managed to wring the first clue out of Talitha a day early quite handily, so I came home, took some pictures of the pretty yarn and sat down to get me knit on.  2 hours, one frustrated Jo and 4 lost beads later, I emerged triumphant with a completed first clue.  Actually much of my time was spent finding a way to attach the beads without having to go out and buy dental floss (yes dental floss) to string them on.  After a few horrid attempts that don't even dignify a mention, I found the thin-est ribbon ever and made it work.  Yeay!  

Since then, I have retreated to the computer for some much needed Tales of Monkey Island time.  I'm currently on Chapter 4: The Trial and Execution of Guybrush Threepwood.  I <3 this game so very much!  You can check ou the game at or if you want to start with the first one (that I played in the 80's and yes it's still awesome) you can go to and you can download it and the second in the series for $10.  Trust me, it's worth the measly ten bucks.

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