Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Work In Progress Wednesday: Forget-Me-Knot Shawlette

I've been drooling over this cute little shawlette pattern for a few weeks now.... thinking about what yarn I would use, thinking how cute it would look wrapped around my shoulder...  Well, this Friday, after a very unexpected pattern acquirement, I found myself having to make some sort of yarn decision.  I looked through my online stash and determined that I really don't have a lot of selection in the sock yarn department (mostly because I don't really like knitting socks).  Despite the meager selection, I did find a good candidate.  I ended up choosing  my Valley Yarns Franklin Hand Dyed in the colorway Blueberry Cobbler which I bought at WEBS at least a year ago if not longer.  The pattern is called Forget-Me-Knot Shawlette and it was designed by Meghan Jackson.  You can see her other patterns on her website.  I also follow her on Twitter where you can find her as ButterflyKnit.

So, pretty pattern, yarn, and needles in hand, I sat down to cast on.  I managed to get through a few rows before heading to bed Friday night and also had some nice free time to knit during the drive down to CT for a friend's wedding.  Since, I have been able to knit quite a few more rows and am now halfway through the edging for the shawlette.  I'm really surprised at just how quickly the shawlette is knitting up.  I was worried that since the yarn was so small, it would feel like it was taking forever (kind of like knitting socks).  The pattern calls for size #6 needles, which seems to make things move along much faster than anticipated.  Also, the pattern repeats are fairly simple and very easy to memorize therefor this project has been perfect to keep with me and work on at lunch or for a few minutes when I'm waiting somewhere.  Overall, the pattern is great and I highly recommend it.  It would be a good first lace project as well if you want to give lace knitting a try but the concept scares you :) 

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Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

Love that color: Blueberry Cobbler. It makes me smile, and the hues are beautifully put together. Know you will enjoy your shawlette. Going over to look at the designer's other patterns now...