Monday, May 9, 2011

Demo Potholder all done!

I actually have a couple more big projects I need to share with you, but... they were both baby shower gifts and therefore a surprise and thus I haven't posted a thing about them until now.  So, in an effort to get my sicky butt to bed early I thought I would start off with the finished demo potholder I started working on last week.

My first Fanciful Flower Potholder came out very well and I am extremely pleased to report that it is the thickest potholder I have ever encountered.  While this may not seem so important, let me point out that the first potholders I ever crocheted were so loosely constructed that inevitably I burn myself whenever I use them.  Granted, they were my first crochet project ever, so my gauge wasn't particularly consistent, but this latest potholder is - by design - at least twice or three times as thick and therefore very effective at protecting your hands!

After making this first one I did go out and get some new pretty cotton in better colors for working on the set I will be making for charity.  So, overall, this is a great free pattern and actually quite easy to follow.  I highly recommend it!  You can find the pattern here.


Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

It is too pretty to use! :o)

jjphotoFTW said...

I know!!! I tink I'm going to make some for me in darker colors. That way the dirt and grime won't show so much :)