Friday, May 13, 2011

My Mystery Project is Complete! The Sarafia Baby Blanket

This blanket project is one I planned for months.  It all started back in December when I found out that my brother in law and his wife were going to have a baby (my first nephew!) this coming June.  After getting thirough the holiday rush I started really thinking about something for the baby back in January.  I looked at numerous patterns on Ravelry and finally decided that I was going to crochet the baby blanket rather than knit it, so I would get some real practice at the craft.   Once I had narrowed that part of things down, it didn't take me too long to decide to make the Sarafia Baby Blanket. 

I love how the pattern is so simple yet beautiful at the same time.  Simplicity was definately key to me being able to finish the project in time.  I wanted something that wouldn't be too difficult for me, since I'm pretty new to crochet, but I did want to challenge myself at the same time.  Most importantly I wanted to make sure to make a blanket that got used... one that could have things spilled on it and be thrown into the washer and dryer like any other thing you might spill on.  Finger crossed.... I think I did it. 

Probably one of my first squares and just about the only thing I posted while working on it.  Keeping this project a secret for two months while I worked on it was just about as hard as doing the actual work!

All the colors I used for the squares.  The yarn I used was Lion Brand Baby Soft, which I have to say is a great yarn.  Each skein has 459 yards and is only about $5.50, which is an insane value. The only issue I came across was that sometimes the yarn was of inconsistent thickness which made some blocks inherently bigger, but I got over that quickly enough. 

The squares are starting to add up!  I had to make 48 in all for the blanket.  Let's just say I could probably still crochet that square by heart :)

After I finished all the squares I had to piece them all together.  I ended up mattress stitching them together so that there wasn't much of a seam between the pieces and the blanket would be very strong when completed.

One row all sewn together.  I grossly underestimated how long this part would take, I will not do the same in the future.

Everything all sewn together, woohoo!

Blocking on our bed... I so didn't even have enough materials to do this.  Must acquire more before next blanket project!

Just opened by mommy to be!

They were even nice enough to pose with the blanket for me.  I have such nice and patient family members don't I? 


Dhjennings said...

I still can't get over how much work you must have put into this gift and how well it came out!

Spring said...

That came out hella good. I like the colors.

jjphotoFTW said...

Thanks very much! I'm so glad it came out well, makes me think I can tackle ever bigger projects :)