Friday, May 27, 2011

WIP Friday?

So I'm a little behind, lol. I haven't had much time to post recently, but seeing as I am currently stuck at the car dealership and have nothing better to do I thought I could do a post to kill some time.

I have quite a few works in progress right now, but not too much to show for any of them. The image above is a gauge swatch for a sweater I started back in January but thought my gauge was off, so I ripped out all I had completed to swatch and figure out what needles I should REALLY be using. Turns out my gauge was just fine and I can stick with my original needles :/

Someone else making the sweater said they had to cut down on the number of repeats across and it looks like this is what I will have to do as well. Sigh... Oh well, I need to practice knitting cables anyway! So I'm back to square one, but I'm at least sure of my gauge this time.

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