Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ten on Tuesday: 10 Favorite Smells

1) Pine needles - They remind me of being in Maine and playing in the treehouse my grandfather built for me along the path through the woods between my families houses. 

2) Freshly cut hay - The smell of hay is so sweet!  I usually smell it when I'm driving by some humongous field in my car, but I would be completely happy just rolling around in it too.

3) Sheep fleece - I had no idea how much I liked this smell until I bought my first fleece back in October.  It is so gloriously sheepy smelling!  I just kept on going over to it, opening the bag and taking a huge whiff.  I always walked off with a big smile.

4) Baked goods - Enough said.

5) Green tea - I love the clear crisp smell of green tea.  I even used to wear perfume scented like it.

6) Campfire, grill or fireplace smoke - Ok, so what I really like it the smell of good wood burning.  It reminds me of camp and cozy nights by the fireplace.

7) Crisp spring/fall air - At these times of year I seem to always want to hang my laundry out to dry.  I think the freshness reminds me of clean clothes somehow.

8) Freshly brewed coffee - There is nothing as eye opening as the smell of coffee.  It's truly a psychological high.

9) Sea air - I love the ocean and sailing, so the salty crisp sea air is a very comforting smell for me.  Reminds me of all kinds of great memories.

10) Clean laundry - Again, another thing I could easily roll in and smell all day :)

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