Monday, March 28, 2011

Another Afghan Block Bites the Dust!

I had a pretty busy week last week, so on Sunday I decided to sit back, relax, and spend my Sunday afternoon crocheting another block for my afghan.  Pineapple Blossom was written by April Moreland and is one of the February blocks for the CAL.  It was pretty easy as these blocks which was a good choice since my brain was so fried from the shenanigans of the week :-)

In addition to making the two different 12" blocks per month that are selected for the CAL, I'm going to also make another 6" block that is optional.  I figure that way the afghan will be more interesting to look at rather than being just made up of blocks of one size.  That way I can also choose to do a smaller block one day, rather than putting in the time to make a big one, which can take me the better part of an afternoon without any major interruptions. The real question is, which block will I start next?  I think I've managed to do both the easy ones first, so I may just be destined for failure or at least frustration until I can sit down with one of the awesome crocheting FiberKnots in a couple weeks.  Waaaaah!


Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

That looks complicated. I got a book of 200 patterns for crochet blocks and am having trouble with just the first one!!

Good on you!

jjphotoFTW said...

Actually it wasn't that bad, I only had a few spots that I had a little difficulty with. Once I figured out the first 4 rows, everything else was just repetition of those. Dont' forget that YouTube can be a wonderful source for videos on crochet stitches. It has saved me many a time!