Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ten on Tuesday: 10 Little Things That Make My Day

So, there's no Ten on Tuesday subject this week and I kind of missed last week's entirely... so I thought I would do my own in an effort to pick up the blogging pace.  Here are 10 Little Things Can That Make My Day:

1) Starting a new project - Whether it be knitting, crocheting, stamping or whatever.  There is just something exciting about starting something new.

2) An attentive purring cat - Molly is NOT a lap cat, so whenever she chooses to lavish attention on me, it's a good day.

3) A beautiful sunrise/sunset - I don't know what it is, but whenever I see a particularly pretty sunrise or sunset, it seems to alter my mood for the better.

4) A surprise visit from the iced coffee fairy - You know who you are and I am always grateful.

5) Comments left on my blogs - Hint, hint... :D

6) When that awesome smell in the hallway when I come home is actually coming from our apartment - I am so fortunate I have a hubbie who can cook and is not afraid to try new things in the kitchen.  Brian's Peanut Chicken and Heavy Kodo Stew from the MMO Cookbook are my favorites.

7) Checking things off of my to do list - Sad I know, but I get a thrill when everything is done.

8) Getting a new achievement in World of Warcraft - Yes, this is a bit specific, but when you haven't played in a few weeks and then your computer croaks, you realize just how happy you got about silly things like these.

9) Chocolate - Enough said.

10) Having someone favorite one of my projects on Ravelry - It's a nice little pat on the back, usually from a complete stranger, but it's nice to see that people like my work.


Bahston Beans said...

Insert happy-making comment here. :)

jjphotoFTW said...

Lol, you rock Kelly!

Ms. B Gets Schooled said...


erinlesko said...

What achievement???
I have been out of that loop for a few weeks.

Oh and tell Brian I want to try this stew of his.

Rebecca Walsh said...

Hi Jo! I totally need that MMO cookbook, where can I find it?

jjphotoFTW said...

Becca, there is a link in the blog post. I think you pay $20 by paypal and then you get a pdf you can download. We love the cookbook and have made several things from it.

Don't worry E, I only started playing again this week. My computer timed it's death 10 minutes into when I had logged in for the first time in 2+ weeks. So, I had an unscheduled month hiatus with regards to WoW. It was sadness filled.

Ms. B - are your needs fulfilled by my tired butt finally replying to your comment? Hehe...