Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ravelympics Update: Days 12 and 13

Days 12 and 13
These last two days I have been a knitting fiend!!!  Yesterday those from my fiber group that desired to brave the snowfall in the Worcester area in order to knit en masse got together for great evening.  During our "meeting" I completed the rest of the repeats for the cuff on my first sleeve.  Then tonight I moved on to the plain stockinette section and did a whopping 27 rows and then did 5 sets of the 4 row increasing repeats for a total of 48 rounds of the sleeve knitted in one evening.  Despite all this progress, I wasn't able to finish the sleeve this evening.  Right now it is a little less than 12 inches long and it needs to be 17.  Oh well, I'll finish it up tomorrow and cast on the next one. 
(81 sleeve rows completed)

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Bahston Beans said...

It seems like it's really coming along!