Monday, February 15, 2010

Ravelympics 2010 - I have a heck of a challenge ahead of me...

Well, it's a little less ahead of me than when I originally planned to do this blog post.  I was supposed to do one on Friday before I started my first Ravelympics Project!  What are the Ravelympics?  They are basically a knitting/crocheting version of the traditional Olympics, complete with teams, events and medals.  The event runs for the length of the Winter Olympics this year, so from Feb. 12th  9pm EST to March 1st 3am EST. I am knitting the Team Never Not Knitting which is one of my favorite knitting podcasts out there. 

The whole point of the Ravelympics is to challenge yourself, so I decided to make myself a cardigan, the Bountiful Bohus Cardigan to be exact.  Since, I'm not exactly a small person, I knew this would be a real challenge for me.  Then again, I've never made any kind of sweater before either, so, this project is a double whammy. 

I'm really enjoying the knitting thus far and even attended a Opening Ceremony Cast On Party on Friday night with my new group of fiber buddies.  Here are a few pictures of my progress over the last three days.

Day 1: Opening Ceremony
I didn't get much done during the opening ceremony other than cast on the 336 stitches (ugh) and work three rounds of the cuff repeat.  Then again, I was yacking with friends and stuffing my face while watching the ceremony, so one shouldn't be surprised.
(3 rows completed)

Day 2: Cuff Central
By the end of day two I had completed all but the last repeat of the cuff.  There is a bit of cabling in the cuff and I'm not all that fast with that so I think that's why it was taking me forever
 (16 rows completed)

Day 3: Seam Shaping Begins
Finished the last repeat of the cuff pattern and did the first repeat of the 4 row seam shaping decreases.
(25 rows completed)

From now on, I hope to post an update every day (as I had originally planned).  Wish me luck!

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