Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Best of Creativity Boot Camp Part 1: Techniques

This past Saturday mom and I went to a great class at our favorite stamping/scrapbooking store, Ink About It.  The class was called the Best of Creativity Boot Camp and featured demonstrations of the most popular techniques that were taught during the Creativity Boot Camp (CBC) class series in 2009.  The great thing about CBC is that the reason the series was created was to meet the needs of the customers.

So many crafters are afraid to use their supplies because they think they might "waste" them or they have so many great craft supplies, they are overwhelmed by them and don't know where to even start.  I am definately of that ilk.  Just digging out all the supplies to make a card is tortuous.  I have so much cool stuff to use and no idea how to even begin... 

So, to get over all of our crafting "issues" the CBC intructors had us focus on learning techniques and "playing" with things to see how they worked.  Here are some of my class samples:

Stamping with bleach on cardstock

Stamping with bleach on dye inks

Kissing off - a technique where you use one stamp to give texture to another.  The black print on the lady's dress was "kissed off" of another stamp in a different ink.

Masking - a technique done by stamping an image on masking paper, cutting it out and using that mask to create depth.

Stamping on acetate - great for adding depth.  You must have very steady hands!

Stamping with clear pigment ink on glossy paper and then applying dye ink directly to it to get a resist of the image.  This technique is one of my favorites! 

I'll have another post up soon about some other neat things we made in the class.

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