Tuesday, January 5, 2010

10 on Tuesday: 10 Things I'm Looking Forward to in 2010

1) WEBS 6th Annual Super Bowl Sunday Escape on Sunday Feb. 7th in Northampton, MA - This store is my yarn and knitting Mecca.  They have everything and they ship.  Every year they do this great event and have prizes and a sale at the same time.  This will be my second year going and I'm so psyched and ready to head to western MA.

2) All A Capella Live at the Cutler Majestic Theatre on March 28th in Boston, MA - In our effort to see more live performances Darth Coco and I are going to this cool concert.  Unfortunately there really isn't much info on it right now, but since it involves a capella, I know I'll like it.

3) Getting healthier - This is a goal that is with me every year.  I'm hoping some year it will stick.

4) Working on my photography by doing my Project 365 blog - My Year: Through the Lens.  At some point, I'm going to have to get very creative with my photography.  Desperation will do that to you... :P

5) Learning to crochet - I haven't started yet as I am in the first throes of Selfish Knitting Month, but I have my Learn How to Crochet Visually book (thank you Shawn and Kelly) and I am ready to go once I complete some long-awaited knitted projects.

6) A trip to see Waterfire and pig out at Sakura - A couple of summers ago Darth Coco and I saw Waterfire down in Providence and hit up the best sushi place ever (Sakura) while we were there.  I'm really hoping we can do that again this year.  This year, however, I would like to make it home without being trapped in a parking garage for hours on end.

7) Blogging more - I really like writing, but only like doing it in small bits, so a blog is really the perfect medium out there to feed my writer's itch.  Right now blog posts do tend to take me awhile to write (yes, even these lists) since I want to say things just so.  I figure the only way to get better at writing for my blog is by doing it way more often.

8) Cook more - I haven't been feeling the urge to be creative in the cooking realm for quite a while now.  I am quite fortunate enough to have a husband who is a wonderful cook and part of our housework deal is that he makes dinner (well, most meals for that matter).  Now, I can cook just fine, I'm just lazy when it comes to the kitchen.  Hopefully this year I will reconnect with my inner domestic engineer and try some new and neat recipes.

9) Snow - Yes, I know I'm weird.  I'm an adult and snow should mean work to me.  All that shoveling, scraping, shivering... but it doesn't.  I still feel like a little kid hoping for that snow day.  It doesn't hurt that I do occasionally get one either.

10) In 2010 I'm looking forward to being able to figure out 10 good things to have on these lists!  I can get to 8 or 9, but 10 is almost impossible some days.

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