Tuesday, January 12, 2010

10 on Tuesday: 10 Best Movies I’ve Seen Lately

Eeek!  I haven't been watching a whole lot of movies lately.... but here's what I can come up with.

1) Clueless - nothing quite beats a modern day version of Emma starring Alicia Silverstone.  Darth Coco and I saw this a couple weeks ago via Netflix streaming.

2) Blow Dry - Alan Rickman starring as a reluctant hair stylist in a competition a la Strictly Ballroom.  Brian and I found this interesting movie on Netflix streaming as well.

3) The Ramen Girl - The story of an American girl who gets ditched by her boyfriend after moving to Toyko and finds solace in convincing a local ramen cook to her his art.  Surprise, via Netflix streaming again.

4) District 9 - Not an easy movie to watch, but it really makes you think.  Brian, Darth Coco and I actually saw this in the theater when it came out.  It has to be a really good movie to convince us to pay the $10+ a pop to see it on the big screen.

5) 9 - This gem of animation was produced by Tim Burton (I <3 Tim Burton's stuff) and is about a scientist's nine creations that were built to protect the future.  Check out the trailer. It has a kickin' song by Coheed and Cambria in it.

6) Lost in Austen - A fan of Pride and Prejudice finds she has switched places with Elizabeth Bennett and when she tries to help the storyline progress as it should, ends up making a mess of things.  DVD through Netflix.

7) Muppet Treasure Island - you have to love any movie with singing muppets dressed as pirates and co-starring Tim Curry.  I actually had this in my Netflix queue and it arrived on the same day I stumbled across a copy of it at Borders and not believing my luck, purchased it.

8) A League of their Own - Darth Coco and I watched this a month or more ago on one of our "I can only handle lying prone and watching TV nights."  Again, thank you to Netflix streaming.

9) Spies Like Us - A classic from the 80's starring Dan Aykroyd and Chevy Chase.  Another of our silly movie nights thanks to Netflix streaming.

10) I Capture the Castle - To save his crumbling castle, a father tries to marry off his daughters to the rich young American men that come to take ownership of it.  Amusing in a very British way and quite odd, but I loved it.  I believe I saw this on a day Brian was out and I had a lot of knitting to do.  Netflix streaming provided yet again.

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Notes from the Joaniverse said...

You forgot the Oscar - no, NOBEL - worthy movie that changed your life and aligned the planets..."High Spirits."