Sunday, August 17, 2008

Water on Fire? Brilliant!!!!!

After going to Sakura, Colette finally succeeded in getting me to WaterFire a (basically) free display of bonfires and music along the main waterways in Providence, RI. The show started with a multitude of silent boats coming into the apex of the two rivers to light their torches. They then progressed down the lines of floating piles of wood to start the fires. During the lighting and while the fires are still lit, they play tribal new age-y music that fits in well with the heat and smell of burning wood wafting through the air.

A nice view of the Providence waterfront while we were waiting for the lighting ceremony to begin. It's amazing how low light and water can make a city look so neat.

Let there be fire!

Colette and I both thought it would be neat to go on one of the gondolas that offer rides during the lighting. Of course there would have to be a boat-by-marshmallow roast on our part for that to truly be successful. I mean, why boat by a floating pyre if you can't get some dessert out of the deal. Mmmmm... smoars....

Typical me and my ability to turn everything into a photo shoot.

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Chris said...

These photos bring back a lot of memories...I went to Waterfire multiple times when I was at Brown. Providence is a really interesting city.