Saturday, August 2, 2008

Class with the owner of Memory Box

So mom and I went to another class tonight and it was with a guest teacher insead of Jenn, our A*Muse instructor. His name is David Brethauer and he is the owner/creator of MemoryBox stamps which is another company who's stamps and paper I tend to love. (See the MemoryBox website for samples of their stamps, papers and card ideas) David taught us watercoloring techniques using twinkling H2O's (which have glitter in them so they sparkle) and watercolor pencils. The photo in this entry has just a couple examples of what he taught us during the class. It was amazing how much we learned so quickly and he was absolutely hilarious to boot. He apparently started out getting a degree in mechanical engineering and then when Boeing wasn't hiring he ended up getting into stamping. By some freakishly odd circumstances he began designing stamps for someone and eventually ended up with his own company. What was really neat about the class was that there were so Many Ink About it staff members taking the class (at least 4). Two of them were even instructors of some of our previous classes! So, you know this guy is good if the experts are signing up and paying for his class...
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