Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Vermin (the car, not rodentia)

Awwww.... isn't he cute? These are shots of "Vermin," my dad's 1935 Oldsmobile Street Rod. He just got it this past year and it's his new baby. I was only recently able to finally meet the new toy and go for a ride. I must say, it's a pretty nice car. I of course, didn't get good pictures of the car as a whole, but did get some neat close ups. If you want to see the whole car, go to: www.teds-olds.com

My dad has been collecting since I was in high school and at this point in life he even lets me drive a few of them (well, the ones that aren't standard anyway). He usually sticks to 1960's Oldsmobiles but "Vermin" obviously does not fit into that mold. It's a fun car and basically looks like a mob vehicle to me. Dad even has a fedora that my mom got him to wear at shows and carries a violin case in the back just in case there's trouble. It's a pretty good package deal if you ask me.
Dad with his baby.
A Neat shot I took on the ride down 495 on the way home. You have no idea how hard it is to hold a completely zoomed in camera steady at 75 mph.

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