Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Nawne finally gets to the Outlands!

Ok, yes, this is one of my mmorpg characters. Actually she is my first character, who kind of fell by the wayside once both Brian and I got separate World of Warcraft accounts. When I got an account we tried to switch Nawne over to mine but Blizzard wasn't doing that then, so she sat of Brian's machine and languished as we both just started up new characters so we could play together. Eventually, Blizzard made it easy to move characters and she was mine again. I had soloed her all the way up to level 53, which is pretty darn good if you ask me, but Brian and I had been playing our others toons so much we just kind of stuck to them. After a year and a half of ignoring Nawne and leveling Thayolin up to 70, I finally decided it was time to play her again... and tonight, I hit level 58 when I can go to the outlands. So, gratz Nawne, for finally catchin up to your little sister Thayolin :-P
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