Monday, July 11, 2011

Vacation, Aunt-hood and some Distinctly Fibery Goodness

So, I've been bad (surprise) and haven't blogged in awhile (yet another surprise).  Turns out I just needed some down time to get back into the swing of things!  Today was my first day back at work after a week long vacation and I must say I'm feeling oddly chipper for facing reality.  I guess a week of splendid relaxation will do that to a girl.  

Foxhill Farms - 100 % Cormo - two ply yarn
During my vacation we went to the Cape and did some sailing, which is one of our favorite things to do when we are there. We also had a really nice day with some of hubbie's extended family to celebrate the 4th of July.  I did quite a bit of spinning at the Cape and hubbie really worked hard on the minis he's been painting.  It's funny just how productive you can be when relaxing :)

After a lovely five days we had to come home so he could go back to work, but the next day I floored it up to Maine to spend a bit of time with my family, which was extra nice.  My mom and I wandered around the countryside, visiting local yarn shops, the bookstore and getting yummy seafood for lunch.  

We even got to go to a fiber store that I have been longing to go to for quite some time. It's in Lisbon, ME which is not to far from our haunting grounds and is called Spunky Eclectic.  The owner, Amy, or Boogie on Ravelry is awesome.  If you aren't a local, do not fear!  She has an online store as well, so go play there until you can make it there in person.  Mom and I had a great time talking with Amy as we perused all of the lovely fiber she sells.  I even convinced mom to by a drop spindle and some fiber so I could teach her how to spin.  It's official, the apocalypse is nigh!!!

Mad Color Fiber Arts - Superwash Merino
- single ply yarn
In the long weeks since my last post, quite a few things have happened.  Definitely on the top of my list is that I became an aunt!  About two weeks ago by brother in law and his wife had a beautiful baby boy who I'll call "Moose" at least until I'm given permission to use his real name on the blog.  Hubbie and I were fortunate enough to get to meet Moose the day he was born, which was a first for us and very special.   Then, last night we were able to stop by, have some dinner and spend some quality time together.   

So other than fawning over my new little nephew and in general being a lazy butt on vacation, I have been taking part in the 2011 Tour de Fleece, which is a neat tradition that I hope to take part in for many years to come.  For most of the month of July, the Tour de France is happening and there are many parallels between spinning and biking (ok, they are mostly horrible plays on words, but go with me on this).  The Tour de Fleece is an event similar to the Ravelympics: You set goals, such as spinning every day or spinning and plying enough yarn to make a sweater.  Basically, it's a good healthy way to set goals for your spinning and have lots of support along the way.    

At first I wanted to set a goal to spin up the entirety of the Romney fleece I bought last year at Rhinebeck.  But.... well.... when you are going on vacation and already dragging a spinning wheel in the car with you, a whole trash bag full of fiber seems a bit excessive.  So instead I decided to spin up the random braids I fiber I have been collecting for the past year or so.  They are SOOOOO much more portable! 

All throughout this post are pictures of the spinning I have done since the Tour started back on July 2nd.  I haven't succeeded in spinning every day, but that's ok, because I'm doing more spinning now than I have since last fall and that makes me really happy.  I generally tend to knit and crochet throughout the year, but the heat of summer really makes spinning appealing since I don't have to have my project draped all over me.  For example, a lovely hooded striped scarf I started in mid-June has been languishing for over a week now since I pretty much have to wear it to knit on it.  There's only about a foot left too.... maybe some cool day or under heavy air conditioning I'll get it done.   

What I'm spinning currently:

Nor'east Star 100% Maine Wool -
my portable spinning!
Spunky Eclectic Merino with Bamboo Rayon -
This stuff spins up like a dream!

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