Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Work-In-Progress Wednesday

I actually have quite a few WIPs right now.  On the actively being knitted project list are the following:

Column of Leaves Scarf

This is a truly old project for me.  I started it in early 2010 and lost interest after not too long.  I think I had problems with the lace knitting, which don't seem to be an issue now.  Maybe I've gotten better at it over time.  The pattern is lace and quite complex, having 8 completely different rows per pattern repeat, but it is totally gorgeous!  I recently picked up the project again after realizing that (yet again) I have a ton of works-in-progress.  This scarf has become my work knitting for a couple reasons.  1) I find that I really need to be looking at the pattern to knit accurately and 2) being able to knit while sitting at a desk in good lighting is really important.  TV knitting this is not...  But it works out well.  

Generally I get to work a little early so I have a bit of time in the morning to get a few rows done.  Then, if I have the free time I can knit during my lunch.  So... while the progress isn't quick, I'm at least making progress and will finish the scarf before I'm 90.   Please forgive the picture.  I took it last year I think.  I have much more done on this scarf now, but the pictures I took of it tonight didn't come close to representing the beauty of the yarn, so I decided to just reuse the old picture rather than use a yucky one.  Apparently my camera doesn't like jade green when it's lite by an incandescent light.  Oh well! I'll post another one later.

Wild Olive Beret

This beret, while in shambles currently, is something I've wanted to work on for quite awhile, but couldn't seem to find the perfect yarn for.  The pattern was in the holiday issue of Interweave Knits and was written by my very talented knitsib Talith Kuomi.  You can see here website here:  Tal ran a knit-a-long for this beret as well as two mystery accessories back in December 2010, and while I was determined to be a part of it, it never quite happened.  Then, I checked out a new to me yarn store named Iron Horse in Natick and found that perfect yarn: Manos del Uruguay Maxima

Maxima is a beautiful 100% merino single ply kettle-dyed yarn.  It is totally squishable and incredibly soft, so when I spotted it, I knew it would be just what my little fingers wanted to knit up into the wild olive beret.  I might also mention that the colors available are gorgeously done and the cost is remarkably inexpensive for what you are getting at around $12 for 218 yards.  Part of my problem with knitting the beret and accessories was that in total the projects called for about 800 yard of yarn (to play it safe).   So I was facing sticker shock before I even bought anything!  But, because of the good yardage and reasonable price, I could actually afford to buy the Maxima and make all three items match :-D  Yeay!     

I had knit all but 17 rows of the wild olive in about two days.  I had run into a few snags, but I seemed to be able to work them out ok, then it reached the moment.  You know, that moment when you know you have done something irreparably wrong?  As usual, I realized this fact at a ridiculously late hour... and was tired and annoyed.  I tried ripping out a few rows, but quickly understood that it was not going to work, not at that hour anyway.  So, I begrudgingly put the beret aside and went to bed. 

The next day I made a valiant effort to fix it again, but I kept on dropping stitches and wasn't getting anywhere.  I was also at the WEBS Super Bowl Event at the time and before I became a three headed monster about the whole thing, my lovely and supportive knitsibs told me to "quit my bitching and just frog it already."  :-)  Did I mention how much I adore my knitsibs?  So, I decided to rip down to the edging, but only managed to rip out a few rows before I turned my attention to another project to put me in a better mood.  So, the beret is still half frogged.  I'll return to it this weekend I think, when I have more free time.  In the meantime, I started mystery item 450, a cowl desgned to match it. 

Podster Gloves

Thank goodness for this project!  This was the one I started working on after beret-gate 2011.  I'm really glad I happened to bring it with me to the Super Bowl event.  Otherwise, my inner three headed monster would have been inconsolable.  These gloves were designed by Glenna of Knitting to Stay Sane, one of my favorite blogs.  This is another project I have been drooling over for quite some time.  But it requires knitting with REALLY thin yarn (fingering weight) and on TEENY needles (1's to be precise) to make the fabric dense.  Ugh.... I don't like either of those things.... but I had to deal if I wanted these gloves, which by the way are excellent for anyone with an iPod or iPhone since there is a little thumb hole just for the purpose of playing around with said devices. 

I started the first glove on Sunday and did quite a bit of the endless k1p1 ribbing with my dental floss yarn and toothpick needles.  I was home sick both Monday and Tuesday and when not feeling like a complete sickie, I was able to do some more, finishing both the thumb gusset and up to where I need to divide for the fingers.  Not too bad...  Now instead of finishing the first one, I have to start the second glove or face almost certain second gloves syndrome.  I have sock issues too, can't you tell?

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