Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ten on Tuesday: 10 Things On Your Bedside Table

I don't think I have anything close to ten things on my bedside table!  But here goes:

1) CPAP machine - I have sleep apnea.  Enough said.

2) LED alarm clock - Battery powered and I haven't change the single AA battery in it for at least years if not a decade.  Weird huh?  It's kind of like playing alarm clock roulette

3) Glasses - Well, they are there when I'm asleep anyway.

4) Slipper socks - They aren't on the top, but underneath on the shelf, but that works for me!  My favorite pair are striped knitted ones with cat faces on the ends that look hand made.  My mom bought them for me a bunch or year back way before I even thought about knitting.  Mom's are good like that.

5) My bible - Really, I have several there to be precise.  One my mom bought for me just this year which is supposed to be a really good and easy to understand translation all the way down to the one I got from the pastor of our church when I was in second grade.  It has my name written on the cover and has a dedication from the pastor and my life verse written in it.  In case you are curious, the verse is Philippians 3:10.  Good verse.  It also has all sorts of handwritten notes and highlighting in it.  What can I say, I believe in using my books and this one is well loved."

6) Box fan - I like moving air when I'm sleeping since I tend to get very warm otherwise.  The white noise is also quite nice.

Well, I think that's it unfortunately.... not much stuff there.  The fan and cpap machine do take up a lot of space mind you.  Anyway, I wish everyone a good night.  If you are living in one of the 30 states being affected by the blizzard coming through, good luck!

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