Monday, May 11, 2009

Some recent finished projects

So, I've been just doing little projects lately since I haven't seemed to have the attention span for anyhting more in depth. I've finish a few little things in the past few weeks I thought I would share. All of them were made using Lily's Sugar'n Cream cotton yarn since I decided it is now warm and I don't want to deal with wool.

I made this Basketweave headband to keep my hair out of my face when I'm driving with the window open. My new haricut, cute though it is, seems to blow into my eyes every time there is any wind. I actually made two of these, the other one with a variagated pink and white yarn. They are cute, but for some reason headbands in general do not like my head and seem to slide right off no matter what I do. These have that flaw as well, though by no fault of their own. I think my head is shaped funny. Pattern on Ravelry: Basketweave Headband

I made these swiffer covers for my Mom for Mother's day. Silly yes, but I wanted to make something she could use around the house. I bought her a new swiffer to match! I got this pattern from a flyer when I was buying yarn in Michaels, but you can also get it on the Lily website: Duster Cover

I just finished this little coin purse today. I didn't use a pattern so this is my first attempt at creating anything that was improvised. It actually doesn't look quite as good IRL as it does in the pic, but hey, it holds my change and none falls out. Pretty good for a first try. I'll have to work on refining the design more later. Once I do that I'll post a pattern.

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