Thursday, May 21, 2009

another Friday approaches

May is passing far to quickly... It's already the 21st and I haven't posted since the 11th! Ok, so my work and social life have both been pretty busy lately. But I haven't even been sending out many tweets and that's just silly. Think about it, I haven't had time to type 140 characters or less? A few times a day? Ridiculous I know, especially since I'm sure all my followers are mourning the loss of my witty comments of life, the universe and everything. My twitter even updates my facebook for me, so I don't have to do both... so the ultimate in social laziness has occured!

Anyway, I really just wanted to post a quick hello and tell my blog buddies and other various media followers that I haven't forgotten you and nothing of note has happened to me other than being so busy I became slightly anti-social. Until the next post, tweet or update!

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